I Scream For Ice Cream!

After a summer meal there is no better finale than a bowl of ice cream! In reality, you can most certainly eat ice cream any time of the year! There’s an endless amount of flavours to choose from, everything from classic vanilla and chocolate to more decadent options like white chocolate with raspberry swirl or chocolate fudge with caramel ripple, sometimes even unique flavours like Earl Grey or honey and lavender.

However, for those of us who require thickened fluids, ice cream is usually off-limits due to the fact that it melts in your mouth and becomes too thin to safely swallow. I thought this way for the last few years until recently. For Christmas this past year my mom was given an ice cream maker, so I figured that I had to find way to consume the goodness that was sure to come!

Have no fear, I found a way!

Once the ice cream finishes churning, prior to putting it in the freezer, I use ThickenUp Clear to reach the appropriate thickness. After it’s frozen it’s just like regular ice cream, but in a consistency that’s safe! It seems obvious in hindsight, however until you try it, you don’t think there is a solution.

Suffice to say, I have a distinct feeling that the ice cream maker will be getting a good workout once the warmer weather gets here!

Until next time, keep it smooth and keep it tasty!


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