Relish vs Pickles

When we think of condiments for hotdogs and hamburgers the three most common are ketchup, mustard, and relish. Whether you are at the ballpark or getting a hotdog from a cart on the street, you will find these three to dress up your meal. I’m personally a fan of all of them, but upon being on a puréed diet I found that my beloved green relish would not purée properly! As it turns out, the skin on the outside of every little piece of relish does not go smooth, regardless of how much you try. Of course I could surrender to this, so I had a thought to try just regular dill pickles, but after my recent episode with the relish, I suggested that we slice the pickles and then carefully cut off the outer edge, leaving only the soft flesh. It worked like a charm and I am still able to enjoy the dill-icious flavour I so desire!

Until next time, keep it smooth and keep it tasty!


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