Do’s & Don’ts

When it comes to pureed food there are certain do’s and don’ts.


Know What You Can Tolerate: Seek your healthcare professional’s advice on what you can safely swallow.

No Nuts or Seeds: Any nuts or seeds are off limits as they won’t puree and can get stuck in your throat.

Remove Rinds/Skins: When it is pickles or ham or sausage, always take the outer part off.

Avoid Crispy/Crunchy Foods: Crispy or crunchy edges will not puree so stay away from these if you can.

Grind Rice and Oats: If you are making rice or rolled oats be sure to grind them prior to cooking them.  They will not puree properly afterwards if you don’t.

Plating: To enhance the appearance, try using forms or use a piping bag to get creative.  Remember, we often eat with our eyes!

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